In exchange of 10%
Available until 30/04/2022

In need of SP: Information/Tech, Healthcare Technology, Blockchain

  • Name: CovidPass
  • Founded year: 2021
  • Description: We (Vietnam Blockchain) have introduced and presented ideas and research results in international seminars since the beginning of 2020. CovidPass is a Digital certificate of Covid-19 test verified by Blockchain technology. allows individual to own a Blockchain QR code, makes transport safety, restores domestic and foreign tourism to promote post-Covid-19 economic recovery.
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • City/Province: Hồ Chí Minh
  • Website:

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Total investment so far $1,500,000
Before funding valuation $1,500,000
Raise amount $2,000,000
In exchange of 10%
Stage of funding Series B and later on