Every company from any stages is user on Adapter. Firstly, we provide startups starting from early stage with a network of investors (angel investors, venture capitals,...). Secondly, we support companies with services provided by service providers (any companies can offer services/products). Finally, event organizers can be our users to together host and bring out best offerings to those who are interested.

There is a lot of inefficiency in fundraising/investing and background details of investors. Founders generally pitch everyone and have a hard time finding the right, relevant investor for their business which slows down innovation. Investors typically have irrelevant or inadequate deal flow and lose interest and precious time. 

Adapter removes the friction from early-stage fundraising & investing by verifying and actively monitoring our investor/founder network.

It depends. Normally, Adapter does not take any commission from the connections of startups and investors, service providers or events on Adapter. However, if there are any circumstances for commission happened, Adapter will contact user or relevant stakeholders directly for more details

To join Adapter, you have to register at the Investor section in the upper bar of the Homepage

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email to set your discovery settings to get access to the ventures on Adapter. 

Investors that we approve to our network are what we call “smart capital investors”. These are investors who are willing and capable to invest not just money but also network and knowledge since early-stage companies (Seed to Series A). 

Our investors range from experienced Business Angels to Venture Capitalists to any type of person who has accumulated wealth, also called “High Net Worth Individuals” (HNWI). Our product aims to educate users who are both established and new to early-stage investing in startups. 

Adapter started in Hanoi in 2019 and currently serves startups all around the world.


If you are looking for funding to accelerate the growth of your business, you are looking to make a return on investment and have a solid plan to present your strategy then you are suitable.

Our private – and institutional investors look at all stages of business across all sectors from start-ups to scale-ups and are for the most part interested in equity deals.

No, Adapter values it is unbiased position as a broker in connections and does not take any commission. Our business model is a premium subscription for both startups and investors.

Feel free to send us an update when you’ve had funding secured through using Adapter !

The best time to start working on your funding pipeline and generating interest from investors – is when you do not need it anytime soon.

If you need funding in the upcoming 2 years, Adapter advises you to start your profile and grow your investor network before you need funding.

Our team is available during business hours 8:00 – 18:00 (GMT+7) Monday – Friday. 

You can contact our team at support@adapter.vn or you can chat directly to us on our website, via the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner. 

Before your pitch is published your profile needs to be approved and verified by Adapter.

Please keep in mind that the Adapter team is mainly looking for a quality pitch deck, please provide the most valuable information about your venture! 

Following these steps and your venture will get approved and verified:

1) Click on My Projects section after logging in by your account. 

2) Click on Setup New Project, and then fill up all blank boxes, including your venture details, team members, upload your venture introduction video by URL link, your representative pictures as well as your logo.

3) Click the Approval Request button on the left column after you have completed all the necessary information.

4) Waiting for 1-2 days for the official approval from Adapter.

5) Send us the financial statement via support@adapter.vn for Adapter to get your venture verified.



From our feedback sessions with investors, we have learned the founding team is the element that drives business progress forward and in the right direction. Investors are always interested in ‘meeting’ the people behind the idea, investigating their background and skills relevant to the business model.  

All in all, the team is one of the most important factors in a company’s success. Because of this, we highly advise you to invite your founding/executive team members. Team members will be able to collaborate with you to further fine-tune your pitch and keep your data up-to-date.

Service Provider

Your Adapter Score determines the position of your company in the dealflow to make sure we offer relevant, and quality deal flow to our investor members.

The Adapter Score is our magic sauce and crunched behind the scenes. It includes your traction with investors, profile strength and engagement (profile updates, response time etc.. 

To increase/maintain your Adapter Score make sure your profile strength is near 100%, updated on a regular basis and your response time to interested investors stays within 24 hours.

We maintain a thorough approval process for each investor interested in accessing the Adapter network. This way, as a founder, you can rest assured your company’s overview and pitch deck is only viewable by verified members.

Besides, we don’t ask you to disclose every detail of your company but ask you to share enough information to trigger and inspire investors to reach out and connect.

As investors value their discretion, there is no possibility to perform outreach to investors on the platform. It is a dance, you must wait for them to connect with you.

You can encourage them to contact you by keeping your profile up-to-date by updating your profile regularly especially the fields in the progress and metrics section.

Note that investors who bookmark your company will receive (push) notifications on your progress which could lead to new connections.

No, it is not possible to see investor list as private investors value their discretion. If you are interested in finding out more about our institutional investor community, have a look at our experience and network. This a community we have developed over years of running matchmaking events around Vietnam and who have been invited to trial the first version of Adapter.

No, Adapter does not take part in further conversations and meetings with investors, we are merely your match-maker.

However, if you are looking for advice – let us know by writing to support@adapter.vn – we are always happy to help with any questions, or concerns where possible.

This depends entirely on you and the investor(s) that get in touch with you. However industry standard is typically 3-6 months. As we aim to work faster and more efficiently than what is already out there, we have built Adpater to deliver fast and successful connectivity through data-driven matchmaking.


Adapter offers a subscription for both founders and investors. View our detailed pricing model here.

Adapter focuses only on making the right introductions and does not get involved in the deal execution. Adapter therefore does not take any commissions or equity.

Investor accounts registered on Adapter are strictly private accounts. No one has access to your profile other than yourself until you decide to take the next step by actively connecting with a founder.

Read more about privacy in our Privacy Policy.

To update your profile:

  1. Log in to your account as an investor
  2. Click Your name account on the right top of the website
  3. Click on My Profile on the left column
  4. Once you are finished with changes, click Update Info to get it done.

It is Adapter's mission to increase your chance to find the most relevant investor for your venture. This is why Adapter carefully screens every new Adapter investor member manually to prevent service provides and ghost investors with wrong intentions from wasting your valuable time. 

Adapter’s investor network is rapidly expanding on a daily basis currently serving 100+ verified, private, and institutional investor members mainly from Vietnam. We are expanding the investor network to other countries around the world.


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