BitVision - Your business crypto activities at a glance


In exchange of 10%
Available until Until funded

In need of SP: Blockchain, Analytics, Big Data

  • Name: BitVision - Your business crypto activities at a glance
  • Founded year: 2022
  • Description: BitVision consolidates financial blockchain operations and makes the management of digital assets transparent and easy to navigate, with essential accounting, reporting, and business insights. We believe in the potential for crypto to transform the traditional economy into a more diverse and accessible ecosystem. We're on a mission to help drive that change by providing web3 companies, DAOs, and other institutions with an end-to-end integrated solution for managing digital assets.
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • City/Province: Hồ Chí Minh
  • Website:

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Total investment so far $85,000
Before funding valuation $708,000
Raise amount $200,000
In exchange of 10%
Stage of funding Seed