Bami Pawn Shop


In exchange of 10%
Available until Until funded

In need of SP: Information/Tech, Fintech, Blockchain, P2P Lending

  • Name: Bami Pawn Shop
  • Founded year: 2022
  • Description: Bami is set to be a dedicated platform for NFT and digital asset collateralization. Bami offers a variety of features such as NFT-backed loans, Clearance market, Launchpad, Lending and Membership. The protocol aims at adding value to the rapidly growing NFT market and providing optimized financial solutions for users.
  • Country: Viet Nam
  • City/Province: Cần Thơ
  • Website:

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Total investment so far $1,000,000
Before funding valuation $200,000
Raise amount $500,000
In exchange of 10%
Stage of funding Seed-Pre A